B2B eCommerce Platform Comparison: What is the best eCommerce platform for your B2B venture?

eCommerce website

So, you have decided to expand your B2B business by creating an eCommerce website, but you are not sure how to do this. That’s a common dilemma these days because business owners have many different options to choose from. Yet, it seems that most of them are focused on using a good B2B eCommerce platform to create and run an online store. So, if you want to take this road, check our B2B eCommerce platform comparison list.

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is the younger “brother” of Shopify, one of the world’s leading eCommerce platforms. Shopify Plus works as a specially designed B2B solution for users who are looking for a simple, yet effective solution. Adidas, Citizen, and Motorola are some of the famous brands that are relying on this B2B eCommerce platform. There are so many things that people like about this platform, but we will focus on a few most important ones. First of all, you can integrate your eCommerce website with many third-party software solutions with Shopify. You can also expect excellent customer support in case you need help managing your website. Compared to some other solutions, the customizations options are a little bit limited. However, you can expect great marketing tools and decent SEO options.


Another interesting option that eCommerce users focused on B2B have is Pepperi. This eCommerce platform allows users to create effective online stores. They can also expect easy access to many different options like inventory management, email marketing management, SEO tools and more. This is also a good platform for those planning on using third-party apps in their business process like accounting apps for example. In order to become even better, this platform has to invest in customer support and try to lower the price too.


Lastly, we have InsiteCommerce on this comparison list where you can find great eCommerce platforms. This is a multipurpose platform which is designed for distributors and manufacturers. With the help of InsiteCommerce, you can build a website which will let your potential clients understand your offer and get insight into your business. They come with professional customer support which is quite fast and good integration capabilities. Of course, just like in the case of other platforms of this kind, there are some downsides too like the fact that it’s not easy to customize your website without tech knowledge.

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